Community Guidelines


Lemelson-MIT is open to everyone. Everyone's contributions, including comments, posts and projects, help further discussion and collaboration around invention education.


Lemelson-MIT is an open forum where all ideas about invention education are welcome. The Lemelson-MIT community aspires to be an honest broker on this complex and fascinating subject.


At the same time, we ask that the community adheres to the principles of the scientific method. Positions which marshall facts, evidence, and rational argument will receive the attention of the community. Those which do not will be dismissed.


The community expects its members to engage with each other respectfully and courteously. The community will seek to frame controversial issues in a way that is respectful to all sides in the debate and does not favor a particular perspective.

We are committed to maintaining a safe and respectful community where members can share their thoughts, opinions and ideas openly.  When using Lemelson-MIT, you agree to use respectful language, be courteous to fellow members and respect the opinions of others.

When having animated discussions, remember to always be civil. It it is important to be aware of your own biases and to keep them in check during discussions. If you say something that you regret, be prepared to apologize.

This community aligns its general approach to engagement with the behavioral guidelines that have been developed by the Wikipedia community. Another useful articulation of these guidelines appears in Wikipedia's Etiquette page.


At Lemelson-MIT, we are committed to providing a safe and open community for members to:

  • Learn about invention education.

  • Connect with one another about important issues and ideas related to invention education.

  • Share and collaborate on invention education ideas.

We are also committed to doing this while:

  • welcoming unusual points of view and opinions with which we disagree,

  • respecting factual evidence and rational argument, and

  • treating each other with courtesy and respect.



Community members are encouraged to respectfully and courteously hold other members accountable for following the Community Guidelines, and notify the Lemelson-MIT team of any violations.

Lemelson-MIT staff reserves the right to restrict or remove the member privileges of users who violate these guidelines.