Jack o'Lantern and Maker Faire Paper Circuits

This paper circuit is a quick project I whipped up for an after-school teen public library program. I've scheduled hour-long programs at 6 large branches and listed the age range from 10-17. Most of the kids who visit in the afternoon are in middle school, and this project is more appropriate for those younger teens.

I found a copyright-free empty pumpkin image on Google  that was almost perfect and traced it in Procreate with a few edits to get a smooth image with a transparent background, and then I uploaded it to Canva to design the handout. I've attached the pdf here. You're free to use it.

Materials required are cardstock for the handout, copper tape with conductive adhesive, leds (I only ordered yellow for this program), CR2032 batteries, and some sort of art supplies to color the jack o'lantern. I'm offering crayons and colored pencils. I also used an Xacto knife to cut little x's where the lights will be.

During the program, the kids will start by getting the circuit working before decorating their jack o'lantern. To make the completed circuit more stable, they'll put down a layer of copper tape along the orange lines and then tape down the lights with copper tape on top.

In addition to the jack o'lantern, I've designed another paper circuit for our local Mini Maker Faire. Instead of the fold-over design of the jack o'lantern, this circuit will be on the back of the sheet. I also designed this one in Canva. The front is the official Mini Maker Faire logo, and the back contains lines for the copper tape, etc, along with my library's logo. There are three paper circuit patterns per page. I've attached the PDF for this project, too.

These are super simple, quick projects that almost anyone can complete, and I've never seen a kid who wasn't excited to see their own LED light up.


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Thanks for sharing! This is

Thanks for sharing! This is an awesome extension to the copper tape circuit activity in the JV InvenTeams Electronic Textile Guide. Any extensions for other upcoming events and holidays?